By blending our experience with technology, we handle our molds in the most precise way.
Mold production and allocation process are made within our structure.
MACHINERY: Machining center, wire and dolmaerezyon, CNC lathe conventional machines.
We have 1500 mold production capacity.


In our high experience and high technology facilities, other alloys are produced especially in 6xxx series for various sectors. In our presses of 3500 tons and 1600 tons; 9 inc 228mm 6 inc 152 mm billet is used. We have an annual production capacity of 24,000 tons.


Our facility is capable of coating up to 5 microns to 25 microns according to Qualanod norms. Before the anodizing, polishing, satinage and sandblasting can make decorative surfaces. We have a production capacity of 1000 tons.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

We have two vertical and horizontal plants. Our facility, which produces in accordance with Qualicoat norms, has a capacity of 1000 tons per month.

Mechanical Treatment

What we do at our mechanical processing plant,
Heat Insulation Barrier installation
-Machine cuts within 45 and 90 degree angles with single and double
-head saws, cutting and slicing
-CNC 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers
-Engantric presses; hole drilling, slot opening, pilling and unloading


Alucan Aluminium

Alucan has been serving Aluminum sector for 2 years. But the company owners have 20 years of industry experience. It is a modern and integrated facility with mold production extrusion presses, anodized vertical and horizontal paint and mechanical processing facilities. Alucan serves with high quality standards. While following the technology in order to increase our quality and efficiency, it also has a ENVIRONMENTAL approach.

Alucan Aluminum In the pride of delivering its products all over the world

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, Tunisia, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Mexico, and many countries


As Alucan Aluminum, we love to share our work with you.
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  • Aralık 22 ,2018
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We were at the ALUEXPO

Alucan met with great interest at the fair and was able to find the center of attention at the aluminum fair. Alucan is a company open to aluminum technology and innovation. this feature shows in domestic and international fairs. As Alucan aluminum, we are moving forward with the aim of becoming the leading company in the aluminum sector.
  • Aralık 22 ,2018
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Our website is online.

Alucan aluminum, which is good with technology, attaches importance to the internet site. Alucan aluminum believes that developing technology will facilitate human life and benefit humanity. Alucan Aluminum has been renewed in our website, you can get a wide range of information about all our products. You get the opportunity to get to know us closely. Technical support is available immediately to our responsible. You can get instant information about the order you want
  • Aralık 22 ,2018
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Shipment started in Poland

In Poland, the first product shipment has started for the solar field to be established. The 28th shipment we made to Poland is a separate source of resources for us. we are excited to finish a project smoothly and happily.
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